Built environment

With smart cities no longer a distant reality and workplaces more technologically advanced than ever before, it is clear that the built environment continues to evolve. Digitisation and AI are key in the transformation of this industry, resulting in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and AI-based technology embedded into the design of smart buildings.

From sensors that automatically open and close blinds and windows, to adjusting the air-conditioning based on the amount of heat emitted from the occupants’ bodies, these innovative AI-based systems are capable of transforming our ecosystem.

Katie and the team are experts on how AI will transform the built environment, and can provide the essential training tailored to you and your business, ensuring that you are up to speed with the digital future of this industry.

Take a look at the RICS white paper which Katie co-authored, entitled: “Artificial Intelligence: What it means for the built environment” here.

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