As Accenture’s research illustrates, “to thrive in the next decade, organisations must aggressively pursue innovation and be willing to disrupt themselves.” However, many organisations need help to develop the right strategy; they need training to create a new mindset and they need to close the ever-increasing skills gap. Many lag way behind and have yet to evolve into Social Businesses - organisations which adopt social media for effective HR, customer service and sales, as well as a channel for marketing. With further game changers like AI firmly on the horizon, time is not on their side. They need to act quickly but smartly, choosing the right advisor and trainer.

We have assembled a superb team of strategists, academics and technologists who are best placed to assist you with projects relating to the impact of AI on your business. This reaches beyond marketing, to sales, HR and the wider C-suite implications of this fourth generation suite of technologies.

Our services comprise Audits for AI readiness; Changing Mindsets; advice on the best available tools and platforms; introductions to key industry players, and much more besides. Many of our clients also realize that before stepping into AI, they cannot skip the overall digitization phase. As a subsidiary of digital agency Zoodikers, we are well placed to support you.

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